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Sep 28, 2023 | Job Postings

Program delivery
• Process applications forms, determine program/funding eligibility.
• Provide support and guidance to service providers applying for program funding.
• Deliver training, presentations to program applicants (agencies).
• Ensure processes are streamlined and documents are accessible and up to date.

• Oversee and dispatch support services, such as job coaches, throughout the province.
• Prepare agreements for service providers, schedule services, arrange requests for payments.
• Maintain current list and recruit potential contractors.

• Collaborate with team members various projects or tasks.
• Prepare, edit and proofread correspondence, invoices, presentations, publications, reports and related material.
• Record and prepare minutes of meetings.
• Arrange travel schedules and make reservations.
• Organize and coordinate meetings, annual forum and events

Company: avenueNB Cooperative Ltd.

Contact: Nathalie D’Amours –

Active Dates: Sept 28 to Oct 20

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