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Vision, Mission & Values


“Stronger Community Through Business Prosperity”


“Help business improve, innovate & grow through networking, shared services, advocacy, and events”


The operations and decision-making processes of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce are guided by a set of organizational values. The chamber’s board of directors and staff members are expected to exhibit each of these values while acting in their capacity as a representative of the chamber.

The enumerated values below are not to the exclusion of other values, traits, responsibilities and expectations of staff and board members. Our values are meant to provide a framework to achieve our organizational vision, mission and goals.


➔ We work for the greater good in building our community

➔ We are transparent and make decisions that we are proud to stand behind


➔ We are an action-oriented, member-centric organization

➔ We act with a sense of urgency to meet member needs and expectations


➔ We are an organization for the entire community

➔ We embrace new ideas, exemplified by a spirit of inclusiveness, diversity and transparency


➔ We build strategic relationships, help make connections, and actively seek new partners

➔ We value the ideas and input of our members and other partners as much as our own

We recognize that these values may evolve over time. Changing realities may dictate new values are needed to facilitate our vision and mission.

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