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For almost 40 years, the Fergusson Foundation has been a catalyst for the prevention and elimination of family violence in New Brunswick. We do this by increasing the awareness and understanding of its complexity, through encouraging open dialogue, funding research into the causes and forms of family violence, promoting educational programs, and supporting organizations providing services to those impacted by violence and abuse.

Our vision is a society that is based on healthy relationships and is free from family violence in all its forms.

The Foundation was established in 1985. In recognition of her outstanding contribution over many years in the field of social action and justice, the Foundation requested that the Hon. Muriel McQueen Fergusson, P.C., O.C., Q.C., accept an invitation to be Patron of the fledging trust, and received permission to adopt her name. All of the work of the Foundation, including fundraising and project organization, is carried out by a volunteer Board of Directors and an Executive Director.

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