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When it comes to IT, the lines that used to separate sectors like tech, financial services, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. are now permanently erased. The pace of global digitization in all sectors is fast and relentless and various levels of technology capabilities are now critical in every sector. Why? Because customer and client data must be private and secure. Because marketing and selling a product is predominantly online. Because managing human resources, supply chain, production, inventory, and financials is all done with technology. Because communicating with partners, buyers, clients, and customers is increasingly conducted via virtual means enabled by technology.

This means that ensuring that your business and organization is ready for this continued technology evolution is crucial. Computer science / technology skills that were traditionally used only in IT shops are now required across your entire business, but how do you set yourself up to keep pace and prepare for the future?

We have an answer: The UNB Faculty of Computer Science Co-op Program. Our 40-year-old renowned program has placed over 8000 students into work settings! Many of them work in software development, programming, cybersecurity, and other critical areas. Some have gone on to be CTOs, CPO’s, CEOs, founders and IT and business strategists, amongst many other leadership roles. The demand for their skills continues to grow, so forming a relationship at the ground level is a key to ensuring you get their attention before they become sought after graduates.

Cameron Fitch Photo UNB

ALERT! Now is the time to become a Co-op employer partner for the summer work term (early May to end of August). Employer partners will start listing jobs this month and through to April. Interviews will start in February.

Catch the wave now and your business will undoubtedly benefit, like many others over the past 40 years.

We would love to hear from you – email And to learn more about the co-op program check us out here

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