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Each year during National Disability Employment Awareness Month, the Ontario Disability Employment Network publishes a two-part article series targeted at the business audience. The series is always a major element of our annual NDEAM campaign.

We offer the series to Chambers of Commerce as free supplied, value-added content for your blogs and member newsletters — to help you help your members build their knowledge, awareness and confidence about the business benefits and strategic business importance of disability inclusion.

Here’s a synopsis of this year’s Part 1:


There’s more conversation about disability inclusion in business and employment than ever. Although, the disability factor is mostly rolled into over-arching talk about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). And still too often, disability gets left out of this discussion. 

But not by astute business leaders. They’re realizing how disability inclusion connects on multiple levels to business and employment success.  

Connecting disability inclusion to broader business objectives and the company mission is vital for continued growth and success.  

In part one of our NDEAM 2023 article series, we look at why it’s crucial to make the disability inclusion connection, on all its levels. 


Please feel free to pick up this post and images from the ODEN blog to use on your Chamber blog or in email newsletters you publish for members.

Part 2 comes out the third week of October on Thursday, October 19, on the ODEN blog.

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