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by Julia McDevitt, CMP – Owner and Principal Planner, Elm City Events

We’re all familiar with or have attended the classic corporate holiday party. Big ballroom, fancy clothes, buffet dinner, open bar, and that one colleague, closing out the dance floor.

While this may be a great time, I know there is a better way to bring your employees together to recognize their hard work, while creating a memorable experience they will be talking about well into the new year.

It’s time to break free from the mundane and elevate your corporate holiday party. As a seasoned event professional with over a decade of experience creating memorable experiences for clients, I have some advice. Here are some fresh, new ideas to bring your holiday party to the next level.

Consider an unconventional venue:

Step away from the typical banquet hall and explore unique venues. Consider hosting your party in an art gallery, a historical property, or local retail or restaurant space. These unconventional locations will surprise your employees and provide an extra layer of excitement.

Incorporate interactive entertainment:

Instead of traditional entertainment options, consider interactive experiences that engage your employees. Hire a professional mixologist for a cocktail-making class, bring in a local chef for a cooking competition, or consider other unique experiences local retailers and vendors could provide. These activities not only entertain but also foster teamwork and camaraderie.

Add personalized touches:

Show your employees that you care by adding personalized touches to your event. Create custom decorations, have a photo booth with custom props and backdrops, or offer personalized-local touches that are unique to your city. These small details can make your party feel exclusive and memorable.

Give back to the community:

Embrace the spirit of giving by incorporating a charitable component into your corporate holiday party. You could organize a volunteer event in the morning followed by a festive lunch or dinner. Alternatively, allocate a portion of your party budget to donate to a local charity, turning your celebration into an opportunity to make a positive impact. If gifting, consider buying local from small business owners

Hosting a unique and unforgettable corporate holiday party requires a departure from the ordinary and a willingness to embrace creativity and innovation. So, this holiday season, commit to ditching the holiday party playbook and focus on creating memorable experiences. Your team will thank you for it!

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