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avenueNB (Background)

Incorporated in April 2022, avenueNB Cooperative emerged as a trailblazing non-profit organization focused on enhancing employment opportunities for persons with a disability in New Brunswick.

Our unique business model (what we do)

avenueNB operates on a collaborative service delivery model that empowers its 22 Member Agencies to provide employment, transition planning, assistive technology, consulting and disability-specific programs and services to individuals with a disability. Our role involves funding and supporting program delivery as well as providing training and resources to our Member Agencies.

By pooling resources and expertise, avenueNB ensures that each of its members has the necessary resources to deliver impactful programs tailored to the unique needs of their clients. This collaborative approach enables our Member Agencies to focus on their core mission of supporting persons with a disability, while benefiting from the collective knowledge, efficiency, and coordinated efforts fostered by avenueNB.

avenueNB and its Member Agencies work hand in hand to maximize the reach and effectiveness of employment services, creating a stronger and more inclusive labour market for persons with a disability in New Brunswick.

Our governance and staff

Led by a dedicated Board of directors who provides guidance and strategic oversight, avenueNB employs a team of four full-time professionals who possess the leadership, technical and conceptual skills required to support quality program delivery and services. While the avenueNB team is relatively small for now, it may eventually grow based on operational needs and our commitment to provide the highest standards of support for our members.

We’re new but already turning heads

Despite being a young cooperative, our impact is already resonating beyond the borders of New Brunswick. avenueNB’s innovative service delivery model has garnered attention from other Canadian provinces and even international organizations. As we proudly share our model with others, we witness a genuine interest from those who recognize the success that is achievable through collaboration.

Our network of champions

As a community-focused organization, avenueNB actively engages with partner organizations, all streams of government and businesses of every size and scope. We believe in the power of partnerships to strengthen the labour market opportunities for persons with a disability. By building relationships with stakeholders, we contribute to the overall well-being and inclusivity of the communities we serve.

Our work is rewarding

One of the most rewarding experiences at avenueNB is knowing that we play a role in helping individuals with a disability secure meaningful employment and thrive in the workplace. Every success story serves as a reminder of the importance of our work and motivates us to continue breaking down barriers.

The current economy and labour market needs

avenueNB’s role is more indispensable than ever in today’s labour market. As the Canadian economy grapples with the challenges arising from the scarcity of skilled workers, avenueNB’s mission to increase the employment rate of persons with a disability becomes increasingly vital.

Furthermore, the need for inclusive and accessible workplaces has reached new heights. By creating work environments that are accessible and inclusive, employers have the potential to tap into a valuable talent pool: Persons with a disability. By removing barriers and promoting an inclusive culture, employers can not only fulfill their workforce needs but also benefit from the unique skills and perspectives that individuals with a disability bring to the workplace.

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