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“None of us is smarter than all of us.” ~ Kenneth H. Blanchard

by Shahram Ghanbari

As leaders (CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners), we cannot master every skill needed to run a company or organization. To be successful, we need to tap into the collective wisdom of our team and peers.

The best way to do this is through a peer advisory group.

The life of a leader can be lonely, complex, and without direction. A peer advisory group helps leaders free themselves from isolation, make better decisions, and hold themselves accountable. It’s a place where their issues are addressed and recommendations to overcome challenges— both professional and personal—are offered. As a result, their quality of life increases as well as their ability to make better decisions.

Although we live in a fast-paced world with an enormous and challenging rate of change, being part of a supportive community of peers prepares leaders to tackle that change and address obstacles of all kinds more effectively and with more confidence.

“A peer advisory group is about collective wisdom,” says Doug Little, TEC Canada member. “It’s about fearlessly approaching issues; it’s about knowing better; it’s about doing better.”

TEC Canada, executive coaching and leadership development organization, is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of chief executives and business leaders. Their mission is based on four main pillars:

  1. A peer group of non-competing businesses that have regular confidential meetings
  2. A roster of vetted and thought-leading speakers across North America who are experts on a variety of relevant and timely subjects
  • One-to-one coaching sessions with TEC Canada Chairs (executive coach) to uncover the real issues that need tackling
  • The collective wisdom of 25,000 business leaders around the world

As a result, the real MAGIC happens:

  1. Leaders Make better decisions
  2. Leaders become Accountable to their decisions
  3. Leaders Grow personally and professionally
  4. Leaders come out of Isolation
  5. Leaders cope better with Change

Becoming a TEC member can be transformational. The proven process provides a lasting impact not just on your business, but on your life. Your ability to deal with fast-paced change will accelerate. Your decision-making will become more decisive. You’ll be a better leader.

Ready to create real impact? My TEC Canada Small Business group is making leadership waves here in Fredericton and we’d love for you to join us. Contact me, Shahram Ghanbari, at for details.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ~ African Proverb

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