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by Nadia Ivanko, Labour Market Partnership / Connector Program Coordinator, Ignite Fredericton

Launched in August 2022, the Ignite Connector Program is a part of the National Connector Program, a globally renowned, award-winning networking initiative focused on helping skilled newcomers and international and local students build their professional networks, connect with career opportunities, and stay in Fredericton.

The goals of the Program include growing labour market participation, community integration and increasing strategic opportunities for newcomers and recent graduates to secure employment.

“The new Ignite Connector Program will be a critical component of our strategy to attract and retain newcomers and international students,” says Larry Shaw, CEO of Ignite Fredericton.

The Connector concept is simple. 

The Program taps established professionals and engaged community and business leaders (Connectors) to help employment-ready local and international graduates and internationally educated professionals (Connectees) build networks and break into the local labour market. 

Through direct referrals, Connectees rapidly grow their business networks, which increases their likelihood of finding a job, integrating into our community and staying in Fredericton.

Connectors benefit by gaining access to pre-qualified job seekers to grow their industry and the local workforce. The Connector Program puts local professionals directly in touch with skilled talent. 

This Program will positively impact Canadians and internationally educated professionals and strengthen our social fabric by facilitating intercultural communications, helping overcome unconscious biases, and making personal connections based on common interests and volunteers’ desire to help newcomers.

To learn more about the Program and how you can get involved, please visit:  

Register today and contribute to a program that leads to greater community engagement and encourages a culture of inclusion and collaboration!

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