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by Shari Ross, Office Manager/Bookkeeper

The Employment Agency Where Everyone Wins

Jobs Unlimited, a non-profit organization,  formally started in 1980, however its historical roots go back to the 1960’s when parents of children with intellectual disabilities organized to create vocational training for students graduating from Murray F. Humes School, a segregated school operated by volunteers to provide educational instruction for children who were developmentally delayed.

We presently serve some 750 individuals in various work capacities in the community.  We share a strong belief in the dignity of work.  Our mandate is to provide meaningful employment to individuals who face significant employment barriers due to their disabilities.  Jobs Unlimited provides long-term support and we aim to offer everyone a daily life that is fulfilling and one that provides a sense of self-worth and increased independence through work. Over the years, we have partnered with more than 800 employers, and we currently have a staff of 90.

In order to achieve an increased level of self-reliance and sustainability as an organization, Jobs Unlimited developed several social enterprises over 35 years ago. They are The Deli Connection, York Street Courier, 6 Color Copy and The Mail Bag. These small businesses actively engage Jobs Unlimited participants while providing market- quality products and services.

In 2021, we started an online Auction site on Facebook – Unlimited Thrifters.  (gently used and/or new items are donated to Jobs Unlimited they are then posted on our site for a weekly auction).  Over the past several years, our Deli has grown…we are now also runnning 3 school cafeterias and provide lunches to several other schools in and around Fredericton out of our Deli.

In order for many of our programs to be successful we hold fundraisers, seek donations and apply for grants.

A volunteer Board of Directors oversees Jobs Unlimited.  The Day-to-day running of Jobs Unlimited is overseen by an Executive Director.  Management consists of an Office Manager/Bookkeeper/Fundraiser, a Team Leader-Vocational Placement Program, a Manager of Contract Services, a Manager of York Street Enterprises and a Deli Manager.  Along with several Supervisors (Vocational Counsellors), 80 plus Job Coaches and an Administrative Assistant.

Over the years we have been given many awards and recognitions.  Most recently Jobs Unlimited was nominated for the 2021 Business Excellence Award.

  • Champion of Inclusion  – New Brunswick Association for Community Living presents this award to Jobs Unlimited in recognition of your support and promotion of the inclusion of all citizens, including those with intellectual disabilities, as valued and contributing members of your community.  November 2011
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Participation as a Co-operative Education Employer from Fredericton High School awarded to Jobs Unlimited May 13, 2009
  • New Brunswick Labour Force Development Board – Workplace Training for Excellence Awards – Plaque of Recognition –This certifies Jobs Unlimited has participated in implementing a workplace training initiative  – September 19, 2001
  • New Brunswick Association for Community Living President’s Award – This award is presented to Jobs Unlimited in recognition of their outstanding contribution made in furthering the goals of community inclusion and securing a better quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities in New Brunswick. May 13, 2000
  • National Access Awareness Week – New Brunswick Award presented to Jobs Unlimited for providing employment opportunities and fostering greater independence for persons with intellectual handicaps – May-June 1991
  • C.R.C.D.N.B branch Inc. award of Merit June 9, 1989 presented to Jobs Unlimited in recognition of outstanding volunteer support of C.R.C.D.
  • Certificate of Recognition – Jobs Unlimited is hereby officially recognized and congratulated for their outstanding performance in the employment of persons with disabilities in New Brunswick.
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