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by Katelyn Plant, Communications Manager, The Gaia Project

The Gaia Project believes that young people are the key to building a sustainable future. With a world-view largely influenced by digital connection and information-sharing, today’s youth have a unique and fresh outlook on the biggest issues that we face as a society, with climate change topping the list.  

In-class programming: Inspiring young people to take climate action at school  

Established in 2009, The Gaia Project is a charitable organization that provides bilingual climate change programming and resources to schools across New Brunswick. From K-12, our team works in classrooms and with teachers to help students explore the challenges and implications of climate change, as well as potential solutions and everyday actions. During the 2021-2022 school year alone, The Gaia Project provided over 8,000 resources to teachers, reached over 26,000 students, and serviced 148 schools across New Brunswick.  

The Green Expert Program: Professional coaching, mentorship and green career pathways  

For high school-aged youth looking to integrate climate action into their future careers, The Gaia Project offers resources and networking opportunities for young people to explore existing and future careers in sustainability. Launched in 2021, The Green Experts Program has already partnered with over 50 professional mentors in a variety of sectors, reached over 400 students, and engaged with 11 schools to promote green careers to their students. With a growing need for climate and sustainability professionals in the province, we aim to empower young people to start building their professional networks with like-minded volunteer experts.  

“Finding and building relationships with mentors in my field has been the largest source of education for me.” – Shawn McGrath, Forest Manager at ACFOR 

*Interested in becoming a Green Expert? Reach out to Anna-Lee Vienneau at to learn how you can inspire youth to work in a green career. 

The Youth Climate Leadership Network: teaching students to be leaders in sustainability 

For high school-aged youth who are interested in integrating sustainability projects into their existing leadership and essential skills electives, The Youth Climate Leadership Network (YCLN), is a new offering from The Gaia Project. Students have the opportunity to earn credits while gaining tangible skills that can later be applied to their careers, climate activism, or educational pursuits. Students who apply to participate in the YCLN will learn grant writing skills, event planning, how to create a school climate action plan, and more.  

For over 10 years, The Gaia Project has partnered with classrooms across the province to integrate climate change education into curricula. From sciences, to math, to essential skills courses, we have aimed to inspire students to be climate leaders in their homes and communities, building a greener New Brunswick for generations to come.  

To learn more visit us at or follow us on your favourite social platform.  

About the Author:  

Katelyn is a communications professional with a background in environmental studies, events and digital strategy. Having worked in the nonprofit sector for years, Katelyn aims to inspire others to take an active role in social change through her work as a storyteller and strategist. Katelyn is passionate about digital accessibility, inclusivity and sustainability, and strives to integrate these values in her work.  

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