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by Naveco Power

With any business, one of the main topics that is constantly discussed is how you can save money to put towards increasing your growth. What if we told you that you didn’t have to cut out any of those conference trips this year? What if we told you that you can save money through the power of the sun? 

We have been talking to many different businesses in the province, Canada, and internationally about their potential to reduce their operational costs, and how solar energy can be the answer to that. We wanted to share what we’ve learned, in hopes that we can help our local chamber members save money that they didn’t think they could.

One of the main comments we get regarding solar is that it’s too expensive. That might be the case when buying the system upfront, however, Naveco realized this was an issue for a lot of businesses and created a solution. We’re proud to offer leasing solutions so that new money doesn’t need to be put into the project. You can reallocate the money saved on your energy bill to pay for your solar project. After the leasing period is finished, you can continue to thrive off the savings and put it toward whatever your business needs at the time.

Another question is how does solar energy storage work? If your project is a good fit for battery storage, then excess power produced by the solar system can be stored in the battery or fed back into the grid. When a solar system is generating more electricity than needed during peak times, it can deliver power and charge the battery. During off-peak hours, the system uses power from the battery. Solar systems with storage can also be connected to the grid and can sell power back to the grid or draw power from the grid if needed.

We’re all used to the cold New Brunswick winters, so how do solar panels function in the snow? There’s a big myth about solar panels not working in the winter. However, solar panels need light, not heat. The snow near the solar panels may improve performance because it reflects light. If you still don’t believe us that this isn’t an issue, look at Germany. They are the world leader in solar installations and produced 7% of its national electricity through solar by the end of 2014 while averaging 30% more snow during the winter than all except the Canadian Artic.

We’re a local business too and believe in being hands-on and involved with your project every step of the way. We consider ourselves a “one-stop-shop” and we’ll be with you from a need’s assessment all the way to operations and maintenance. Interested in learning more? We can provide your business with a FREE solar assessment. Send an email to to take the first step to reduce your operational costs, or visit If you like information like this, we are always posting about the renewable energy sector on our LinkedIn page, give us a follow!

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