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I’m honoured to be the incoming president for 2019-2020. Thank you to Ryan Boyer for his leadership this past year, and farewell to Keir Clark, who will be leaving the Board after serving his last year. I follow on the heels of very dedicated and impressive leadership and I look forward to a very rewarding year.

If you don’t know this already, you are a member of an award-winning, nationally respected Chamber. I’m serious. I’ve had the privilege of attending three Canadian Chamber of Commerce Annual Conferences and our Fredericton team is well-known, well-respected and for many, the model of how a Chamber should be. We have a very engaged board of directors, and many committee members who support the Chamber staff in their activities. Finding people to volunteer with the Fredericton Chamber doesn’t seem to be a problem, which speaks volumes for this very well-run organization.

I joined the Chamber Board after being involved in various committees over the past fifteen years. Joining the board was eye-opening. The amount of advocacy work is staggering. The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce IS the voice of business, and that voice IS heard and respected.

This year the board will be participating in a strategic plan with the staff to help steer the direction and focus for the next three years. Having participated in the last strategic plan, I’m excited to see how this will unfold.

Thank you,

Karen Grant

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