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Can you tell me a bit about how your business began?

Speedy Auto Service, formerly Speedy Muffler King first opened a corporate store in Fredericton in 1974. In 2006 my wife and I were looking for an opportunity to open our own automotive repair facility and saw the value in owned the franchise since 2006, it was a corporately run store before then. Speedy Auto Service has franchises across Canada.                                                                                 

Tell me about your business?  What does your business do? 

Speedy Auto Service does all types of maintenance services on cars, light

trucks and SUVs.   

Tell me a bit about your clientele.    

We service all vehicles, clients range from students, professional business people, fleet customers and retired people.  Everyone is welcome here.  

How many staff do you employ? 

We have three office, front counter staff and five mechanical staff.  All are full time. 

Is your business involved in any community activities or organizations?   

We do support some charities as well as high school sports and safe grad program.  

What are you most proud of in your business?    

The staff’s dedication to caring for our clients.  We all care about people and strive to care for the customer as much as their vehicle.   We are in the people business as much as the auto business.  

Has your business won any awards?    

We have been awarded the City of Fredericton’s green business initiative for our use of bulk fluids and recycling as much as is possible.  We won awards from our franchise system for our service and commitment to excellence in the industry.  

What kind of challenges have you experienced in your business and how were you able to overcome them?  

  Like many businesses, we have had staffing issues and some supply problems.  As COVID is not so much of an issue these are resolving.  

What is the biggest risk facing your business or your industry? 

   Consumer confidence in the overall economy.   

How do you feel about the economy and opportunities in NB?      

N.B. always chugs along, like the engine that could. We are a resilient people here.   Taxes seem to be one of the provincial economy’s largest hurdle.  We are simply taxed too much.   

What is one thing you wish more people knew about your business?    

Local ownership and community involvement,  we support the local economy and try to buy locally as much as possible.  

What is the best advice you ever received as a business owner?    

Keep the long-range goals in mind. A bad day, or week, or month does not change the overall goal. Be resilient and service your client like they are family.  

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