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By Rev. Brent Bishop

The ministry was started because of a call from God to serve the incarcerated with the good news of Jesus. I had been serving in the prisons with Monty Lewis for 8 years. When Monty passed on in 2013, I knew if I wanted to keep serving in the provincial correctional centers and federal prisons, I would have to register a ministry with the government. The ministry was set up Nov. 1st 2015.

  When the ministry started it started with me taking a book I have written (All Fired UP) into the youth CC and sharing my story with the youth. I had spent 2 years in the NB Youth Training Center from the age of 12 to 14 and wanted to try and give these youth hope and a future.

 Today we have too many volunteers to keep track off, we have 4 full time employee’s two agents in Kenya East Africa that also have teams of volunteers. We have a local BOD that are all volunteers and control all the projects within the ministry. No one receives any pay within in the ministry except the employee’s at our thrift store and one agent in Kenya.

Locally we have been serving 4 federal prison’s 5 provincial jail’s and 3 drug treatment centers doing as many as 144 services a year. We have witnessed many lives that have been taken from hopeless near-death situations, into bright eyed, full of hope, and happy people, through the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Bibles and Milk for Karico prison

In Kenya East Africa we supply 58 prisons with bibles, chapel services. We also supply milk to the children that are with their mothers in 24 prisons.

We with the help of our agent’s and volunteers feed over 100 children who live on the street’s of Kakamega.

Ladies, children and milk

We have built in Mount Elgon Kenya, an after-care home for the ladies that come out of prison with children and no place to live.

In Muranga Kenya we have just completed the Tabitha House, what will give the children that turn four and have to leave the prison a place to live and we have already saved some of the funds that will be needed to build the Tabitha 2 that will be built in Bungoma Kenya.

To help funds His Ministry we have opened a large thrift store called SEED THE NEED. It is located at 175 Main Street, Fredericton North. The store severs the area with 4 full time jobs, savings of all kinds, and recycles a lot a item that would have gone to the dump. All profits go to help the poor.

 The other way is by partners who believe in us and what we are doing to save the lost and make this world a better place.

If anyone has a heart to help they can go to or sent an e-transfer to

Be Blessed Real Good

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