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By Wendy Morrell, Operations and Communications Manager, Fredericton Chamber of Commerce

We’ve all heard the phrase and we’re doing our best to adjust to “the new normal” but sometimes a new way of doing things isn’t so bad…it’s just different. Some of us are pretty set in our ways and we get comfortable in doing things the same way everyday so when something like COVID-19 comes along it can make a big impact on our day to day activities. Change is hard but everyone has to make an effort to accept new changes and be open to the new way of doing things.  

The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce has been sharing information and communicating with our members since 1874. Over the years many different media have been used to keep with the communication trends of the times. From typewriters to computers, from faxes to email, from black and white newsletters to full colour magazines, and now we have websites, blogs, apps, Youtube channels and of course social media. With such a diverse membership our chamber uses a variety of communications media to ensure our members are receiving our information in a format they are comfortable with. 

Today, everyone is busy, on the go all the time and their need for information is immediate. To continue with this trend, the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce has decided to move from our traditional printed Insight Magazine to a new online format so this will be the last printed version of our Insight magazine. Please keep an eye out for our new format coming in January 2021!  

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