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Karen Grant, President

My term as president for 2019-2020 is coming to an end. I was fortunate to have this experience, and to be surrounded by an outstanding, knowledgeable board of directors. Our chamber staff are exceptional, dedicated, hardworking individuals who take pride in the work they do for our members. 

Thank you for your support of our Fredericton chamber. Your membership allows our chamber to have a strong voice and advocate for business – not only at a municipal level, but provincially and federally as well. 

The highlights during my term: We welcomed our 1000th member. We started discussions with members of the Indigenous business community about how we can work together. We started a new strategic plan. We held another successful State of the Province Address in January. In March – everything stopped. COVID-19 hit New Brunswick. Every day there was so much information thrown at us. So many programs announced. So many regulations to follow. Our heads were spinning. The Fredericton chamber physical office was closed, and staff started working from home. They were NOT working on a reduced schedule or workload, in fact, their workload increased. They were dissecting the daily briefings, writing letters for clarification, advocating on issues that were important to the business community as a whole – not just our members – but the entire business community. And they communicated, in clear language, what we all needed to know.

I was so proud that the leadership in our province, which came together with one common goal – working together through the pandemic for the people of New Brunswick. All party leaders worked together as one unit to get things done. It would be wonderful to continue this trend – what a great province we could be. 

When you read this magazine, it will have been a full month since I wrote and submitted this to the editorial team. Businesses will have reopened, with lots of changes to their structures. Support 


them – PLEASE! Our local businesses NEED our support. That’s ALL our local businesses, not just hospitality and retail; service-based businesses as well. In December, I asked you to shop local. I am asking you to do that again. And not just for a couple of months, but for the long term. Business supports our community in so many ways. It’s our turn to support them. 

As I “pass the buck” to Bob Chisholm, I know the Fredericton chamber will continue to be the strong voice for business under his leadership. I will be forever proud and grateful that I was able to be part of this award-winning organization.

Thank you, and all the best.

Karen Grant

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