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– By Morgan Peters

Presentation to City Council

In July, the chamber presented to the City of Fredericton’s Development Committee. The presentation focused on the committee’s three priorities: economic development, tourism and planning/zoning. Our submitted brief can be found on our website.

Support for Cyber Centre in Knowledge Park

In July, a number of community stakeholders, including the Fredericton chamber, reaffirmed our support for the Cyber Centre being constructed in Knowledge Park as the #1 infrastructure project in the area. Cyber Centre is attracting new investment, new companies and skilled labour into the region. The impact this Centre of Excellence will have on our region is multi-pronged. Skills development in the education system (anglo/franco) has been developed and deployed in our school systems, talent development within the business sector is taking place and standardized through leadership by CyberNB. The opportunity for the private and public sectors in accessing emerging knowledge and commercialization of innovation are key successes to be realized from the cybersecurity initiative. The letter can be found on our website.

WorkSafeNB Update

In July, WorkSafeNB hosted their annual general meeting in Fredericton. CEO Doug Jones provided on update the activities WorkSafe, particularly as they relate to the WSNB Task Force Report from 2018. It was also our first look at expected 2020 rates. Mr Jones presented three scenarios based on what could happen for the rest of the year, which could push the rate up or down, but overall they expect the rate to remain relatively stable for 2020. The full WorkSafeNB presentation can be found on their website.


Twinning Highway 185

You may remember last fall when the Fredericton chamber’s national policy resolution calling on the federal government to accelerate the twinning of Highway 185 in Quebec was approved by the delegates of the 2018 Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM. This week, our efforts got a major boost with the release of the Senate report Made in Canada: Growing Canada’s Value-Added Food Sector. The reports echoes the call for accelerated twinning, recognizing the drag on the economy created by the bottleneck of the single-lane portion of the highway.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce launches National Cannabis Working Group

As the first G20 economy to legalize recreational cannabis for adult use, Canada must do more to take advantage of its first-mover status and realize the full economic potential of the country’s burgeoning industry. To support these global ambitions, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has established the National Cannabis Working Group to develop and advocate for public policies that will improve the growth and competitiveness of the Canadian cannabis sector, and help governments achieve their health and safety objectives. The National Cannabis Working Group is comprised of some of Canada’s leading companies with a shared interest in developing and supporting a high standard and competitive cannabis industry.

Atlantic Chamber of Commerce AGM and Conference

From May 26-28, the St. John’s Board of Trade hosted a successful Atlantic Chamber of Commerce (ACC) Annual General Meeting and Professional Development Day. The three-day event attracted 75 participants representing 24 Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade from across the Atlantic provinces.

The highlight of the AGM was the swearing-in of new Chair, Jean-Marc Picard and the 2019-2020 Board of Directors. Jean-Marc is a well-known transportation and logistics executive and is the executive director of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association. Member chambers discussed policy issues, including potential policy resolutions for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce conference in September.

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