For Immediate Release
[30 May 2013]

(Fredericton, NB) – The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce offers congratulations the Province of New Brunswick and Department of Health on the launch of Patient Connect NB.

The chamber and its Physician Recruitment Committee have been advocating for several years that an up-to-date list of residents without a family physician is a foundational starting point to ensure that all New Brunswickers have quality access to primary care.

“We are very pleased to see the implementation of a province-wide no-physician registry,” stated Andrew Steeves, chamber past president and co-chair of the Physician Recruitment Committee. “Our annual membership survey has told us that access to primary healthcare has been the number one priority of chamber members for the past several years. Having reliable data is a precursor to being able to tackle this problem head on, so now the challenge will be effectively managing the list.”

“The key will be getting names off of the list once they have found a doctor, moved to another jurisdiction, or for any other reason that they should no longer be listed,” added Krista Ross, CEO of the Fredericton chamber. “Having the list be on a first-come, first-served basis will go a long way to solving this problem, in addition to creating a more equitable regime than in the past.”

“The other piece of news we are hoping to hear in the very near future is the release of Fredericton’s health needs assessment,” said Steeves. “For the Fredericton area, this is a document that we need as a blueprint to move forward to improve primary care. This assessment and an accurate no-physician registry will give the region and province the tools needed to assess primary care in a much more effective and efficient manner.”

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Contact: Krista Ross, CEO, 458.8006.

pdfMay 30, 2013 – Chamber please with launch of Patient Connect NB