On 17 September 2014, the chamber’s professional development offerings begin for 2014-15 with a Lunch and Learn titled “How to Avoid Looking Stupid When Using LinkedIn.” Heather MacLean, CMO of TaylorMade Solutions and Chair of Ignite Fredericton’s board of directors will guide participants through how to get the most out of this business-specific social media platform. Heather states:

“LinkedIn is a tremendous tool.  When used properly it can be a powerful way to promote your personal brand and your corporate brand. It is important to remember that social media, including LinkedIn, is not a stand-alone tool or tactic. In order to achieve desired results, you need an integrated marketing/communications strategy that leverages the right tools for you and your business.  Without a well thought out strategy, you are simply throwing darts hoping that at least one will hit the target. It is guesswork at best.” 

The creation of the Professional Development Committee in 2012 has allowed the chamber to put much more focus specifically on professional development sessions apart from other events. Through our annual survey, our members have indicated that they find a lot of value in these learning opportunities at discounted, chamber-member rates. The information provided by our members has also lead to a wide variety of topics, but the use of different social media tools has been particularly in demand over the past couple of years.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • what information you should have in your personal profile in order to develop and protect your personal brand as well as your employer/company
  • how often you should post (both as an individual and also as a business)
  • how to avoid annoying your colleagues, prospects and customers
  • why you need an integrated marketing/communications strategy

To register for this session and get the benefit of Heather’s breadth and depth of experience, visit the chamber website.