On June 24, 2014, David Campbell of Jupia Consulting released a report titled “Our Path to a Stronger New Brunswick: Potential New Brunswick Energy Infrastructure and Natural Resource Investments.” Commissioned by the Province of New Brunswick, the report looks at the potential economic impact of five prospective large-scale projects:

  1. The Energy East Pipeline
  2. Canaport Energy East Marine Terminal
  3. Shale Gas Exploration and Production
  4. Converting the Canaport LNG Terminal to an Export Terminal
  5. Sisson Brook Mine

Campbell projects $8.6 billion in total investment in these projects. This would mean a $1.43 billion average annual infusion into the New Brunswick economy or about a 3% annual increase to the province’s nominal GDP. Perhaps most notably, he forecasts 5,200+ FTE jobs added to the labour market annually.

The full report came be found online at http://www.strongernb.ca/.

The Fredericton chamber would be interested in hearing your thoughts about the report and about resource development in the province generally. To contact Morgan Peters, Policy and Research Manager, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (506) 451-9742.